Nov 29

Industry Leading Innovation in Event Production

Leading the industry in quality service, installation, and repairs across the country, Bay Stage Live has learned that it takes innovation to evolve with the needs of our clients. To continue finding ways to make your event a huge success, we have to give you a simple experience that helps you communicate and visualize exactly what you want so we can help make it happen.

Our experienced design team uses the latest 3D technology that allows you to preview a digital replica in our one of a kind Dream Theater. Our virtual event design software displays the creative concept.  You will experience the set design, including audio visual, lighting, and staging. You will experience the seating arrangements to make sure that important guest’s views aren’t blocked and that everything fits as you need it to. You’ll see detailed floor plans and layouts to avoid last-minute and costly mistakes.

The best part to all of this? There will be no surprises to atmosphere of your event on the big day. Say “goodbye” to the stressful anticipation of your event for good!

Get started with us today to learn more ways that we can help set the stage for an incredible event or production. 

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