Aug 22

The Best in Live Event Production

Flawless production with a completely customized approach. Bay Stage Live doesn’t just reach for “good enough”. We consistently go above and beyond expectations and use our decades of experience to make your grand vision come true.

Down to the smallest details, our team helps you focus your vision and execute on it. We are respected within the industry as the best in the business for a reason. So what all can we help you with?


Achieving the perfect results for your event is no accident. Our superior experience and equipment allow us provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions for all of your lighting and audio visual needs.

Whether you envision a simple, elegant event, or a full-scale extravaganza, look to Bay Stage Live for all your professional lighting needs.


From rigging to lighting to special effects, we have you covered for any concert lighting and production equipment.

Our professional team will help to curate any look you can dream up!


Lighting is one of the most critical elements to the overall success of your event. Lighting sets mood, directs attention, and transforms your event space into something extraordinary. We offer state of the art lighting and professional service.


Lighting is an essential element of wedding decor. Wedding and bridal lights can transform a reception hall or traditional venue into your own personal fairy-tale. Proper lighting will carry out your wedding style and create an unforgettable ambiance.

Good wedding lighting will allow your photographer capture the most stunning details and moments of your special day. Let us elevate your wedding with our fabulous equipment and flawless attention to detail.

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