Jan 28

3 Key Elements of Lighting at Your Event

Bay Stage Live is Tampa Bay's Event Lighting Experts

Lighting is one of the most critical elements to the overall success of your event. Fortunately, you also have an entire team dedicated to your event through the Bay Stage Live team! Having over 70 years of experience in staging any event you can imagine, we’ve came together to give you the three key elements that are affected through the lighting at your event.


The lighting at your event should illuminate the stage, panel, or areas of interest for your attendees and audience. The right lighting will give the area an unforgettable look and bring energy to the room. The illumination complements the focal points within the event and contributes to the overall mood for everyone to be fully emerged into the experience.


Other types of lights help with establishing focus within the room. This inspires an audience to center their attention without even trying. Lighting can also be projected onto a wall or be a backdrop for sponsors and/or company logos. Understanding what fixtures are needed is key to getting the right look and highlighting the main focal point of the event at all times.


Once you know the type of scene you would like for your event and have established a focus point, remaining lights help set the mood that radiates through the entire atmosphere of the event. Our team understands how to utilize both the natural light and technology to give you the look and feel that you imagined when you first started planning your event.

The Bay Stage Live team gives you the freedom to design your event exactly how you envision it through advanced technology. After, we use our expertise to select the fixtures and equipment needed to make your event a hit. Reach out to your event lighting and production experts today to get started!


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