Dec 21

Adding an Innovative Spark to Your Event

Virtual Event Set-up at Bay Stage Live in Tampa Florida

Everyone wants their event to be the talk of the town among their friends, attendees, and the community. The Bay Stage Live team does that better than anyone else by combining innovative technology and years of staging expertise! One of the most fun ways we are able to combine those two powerful elements is through the expert work of our design team! 

Our professional design team uses the latest 3-D technology that allows you to preview a digital replica of your venues in our one of a kind Dream Theater. Our virtual event design software displays the creative concept and allows you and our team to plan out every element of the event.  You will experience the set design, including audio visual, lighting, and staging and be able to plan the seating arrangements to make sure that important guest's views aren't blocked and that everything fits as you need it to.

We like to think ahead and help you avoid costly mistakes that could not only ruin your event's atmosphere but also hurt your wallet. This technology gives you a full audit of the entire layout and audio so you have a peace-of-mind when you need it most. Say goodbye to the stress of the unknown and say hello to being able to fully enjoy your own event!

If you think that's cool, let us show you the incredible elements our team can create for your next event! Contact us today and start getting your peace-of-mind back. 

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