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Bay Stage Live Services

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At Bay Stage Live, we deliver epic experiences.

During the past 58 years, we’ve built our reputation as the creators of extraordinary events. We’ve succeeded by pairing cutting-edge trends with our most innovative ideas.

Over time (and at the request of many clients), we’ve branched out to other areas, including: supply sales, equipment rental and repair. Next, we’ll share a brief explanation of each service we offer, so you understand the many ways we can help you.


Amidst our massive complex sits a state of the art Dream Theatre; the only one of its kind in Tampa Bay. Once we’ve developed a design concept, this theatre uses its amazing 3D technology to present you with a digital replica. You’ll be able to see the entire set design including audio visual, lighting, and staging. You can also calculate seating arrangements that produce detailed floor plans and layouts.

At Bay Stage Live, we feature the latest trends. And as you’ll soon find out – our custom designs boldly go where no designs have gone before.


Producing live events has been one of our specialties since we started this business back in 1957. Our world class staff of lighting designers, event producers, and production support know exactly how to customize your experience one idea at a time. When the time comes, you can be sure our systematically trained production team will deliver a meaningful experience for your audience.

After all, we understand the importance of executing a flawless event.


You deserve quality equipment, and that’s why we have a strict rental process. There is always a routine inspection of the gear before it leaves the facility and also upon its return. This inspection includes cleaning, testing and performance evaluation to ensure everything is working as it should be.

There’s also a 24 hour technical support line for questions before, during or after your event.

We carry current and NEW audio/visual technology, including: lighting fixtures, cables, pipes, trusses, dimmers, power distribution, consoles, LED technology and special effects.


When it comes to repairing your equipment, our staff has the expertise to fix what’s broken. We’re also certified to handle warranty repairs. Our top of the line diagnostic equipment ensures a reliable analysis, allowing us to quickly identify and resolve any issue. And since we keep our warehouse well-stocked, there’s often no need to order and wait for repair parts.


The warehouse stock room is brimming with our entire expendables sales inventory. In addition to MANY other items, here are a few of the supplies we often carry:

  • Gel (color filters)
  • Lamps
  • Tape
  • Gel Frames
  • Theatrical Paint
  • Batteries
  • Pattern Holders
  • Clamps
  • Fluids (haze, fog, etc.)
  • Gobos

For your convenience, we also provide the option to order additional items (for you) from these vendors:

  1. Apollo Design Technology, Inc.
  2. Rapco Horizon Company
  3. The Light Source Inc.
  4. Kennedy Webster Electric Company
  5. CITCFX Special Effects Equipment
  6. Rosco
  7. LEE Filters

When you hire Bay Stage Live, we consider ourselves an integral part of your team, and you are considered part of our family. Whether you’re hiring us to produce a live event or need advice with equipment rental, we are here to help.

If we sound like a good fit for you, stop by or CONTACT US today!

A basic introduction to the wonderful world of LED walls

BSL blog post - LED WallMaybe you’ve heard of an LED wall, maybe you’ve seen one. Either way, you’re probably wondering what the heck it is.

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a wall full of LED screens.

Only that’s just the beginning. The viewing quality of these super-sized screens is already awesome yet it’s still continuing to get better! The screens are brighter and crisper than ever before, thanks to persistent progress in technology. Additionally, the software is becoming easier to use, empowering more people to seek out the LED wall as a cool feature for their events.

Did you know that you can use an LED wall to display your logo, change color and showcase special effects? There are really no restrictions to what you can do, especially since you can now upload anything you want.

Want custom graphics? Done! Would you like to do a live feed? You got it! The LED wall is nothing if not versatile. And, as it becomes more mainstream, it’s a good bet that everything associated with it will become less expensive to do. That’s the beauty of electronics.

As we discuss the greatness of the LED wall, we realize there are some people who will try to measure it against the projector. There is no comparison. An LED wall does everything a projector does, and better. An LED wall is brighter, crisper, and it allows more creativity & customization.

Yes, video mapping may be the one area where the projector still reigns supreme. But let’s be honest… video mapping is not what most people will need and want from an LED wall. And if you so desire, the same mapping effect could ultimately be achieved with a mounted LED wall.

To be clear, we feel the awesomeness of the LED wall is quickly turning the projector into the eight-track of the event lighting industry. We’re not the only ones.

We’re excited to continue exploring the world of LED walls and sharing what we’ve learned. If you’re interested in including an LED wall at your next event, simply contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

5 Questions to Ask your Production Company BEFORE the Lights Go Up

 In the last few exhilarating moments before your event starts, the only question you should be asking anybody is, “Are you ready to rock?” And the answer should be a deafening – “YES!”

But to get there, you need to ask the right questions… Here are 5 very important questions you should ask BEFORE you hire a production company:

  1. Have you done an event like this before? Get some examples to make sure the production company can handle what you’re looking to do. Ask for recommendations. Request to attend one of their events to give you a sense of what to expect.
  2. Is all of your production done in-house or do you use outside suppliers? Bay Stage Live is a one-stop shop where all production is done in-house. It keeps everything running very smoothly and makes our client’s lives easier.
  3. How do you ensure all tasks are handled so that my event occurs on-time? A professional production company will have some sort of timeline tool to handle the numerous tasks involved with your event. Find out what that is, and how/if you will receive updates along the way.
  4. When the event is over, who handles the tear-down? What you’re really asking is, “Do I have to do anything and if so, what would that be?” Be aware of your responsibilities before, during AND after your event!
  5. Do you have insurance, and what/who does it cover? Get some specifics regarding what the production company is liable for, in case an issue should arise. At a minimum, insurance should cover the crew, guests, and venue.

Bay Stage Live welcomes any other production questions you may have! Contact us online or give us a call at (813) 877-1089.

How to Create the Perfect Mood at your Event

Bay Stage Live

Creating the right mood for any event is essential to its success. Since lighting is such a large part of setting the mood – it’s fair to say that mood and lighting go hand and hand.

So how do you create the perfect mood? By focusing on these four aspects…

1) COLOR – It’s long been understood that certain colors evoke specific emotions. Some colors make people feel relaxed, others keep them alert. Taking that one step further, the best lighting professionals also know how to use color transitions to make the most of an event.
We’ll use a speaking event as an example. As the speaker moves from one topic to another, Bay Stage Live will transition from one color to another – to mimic the change in subject. It is a slow change, yet it helps the audience to remain engaged in the speech.
2) SET DESIGN – Another way to play with mood is through set design. If a bold color is used for the set, the color of the light will always complement it. Since Bay Stage Live offers both lighting and set design, integrating these two aspects of your event can be easily done.BIC blue mood

3) HEIGHT & ANGLES – Hanging lights from various heights allows you to make a huge room feel cozy and a small room feel large. Additionally, adjusting the angle of lighting is a great way to achieve strange or scary moods. Just lighting something from below instead of above – automatically creates a spooky appearance.

4) MOTION – Whether or not motion is used, and the type of motion utilized, is determined by the event itself, as well as its content. Whenever motion is considered an asset to your event, Bay Stage Live will personally create a background to sit underneath your content, adding that extra special something.

Because so much of what an event specialist does is “in the moment”, it’s vital to have someone who can “feel” what the crowd, the presenter or the band needs. Some people can do it and some just don’t get it. Bay Stage Live excels at it! When hired to light your next event, you’re guaranteed a creative professional who is focused on making your event incredibly special.

For more information, contact Bay Stage Live today!

New Gear for the New Year- Part 3


blog post_newgear_3

Welcome to the 3rd and final installment sharing Bay Stage Live’s new equipment.

Bay Stage Live Wireless Battery Powered LED:

A few years back, we introduced the Bay Stage Live wireless battery powered LED. We’ve now taken this already phenomenal product, and made it even better!

Ultimately they will be offered in either white or black casing.  Meanwhile, we are updating and improving our white Wireless battery powered LEDs, so the black ones will take their place for now.  These LED’s use RGBA (red, green, blue, white) color mixing technology, giving you a great range of color options. There are no cords or extension cables to mess with and you’ll get up to 18 hours of battery life per LED.  Unless, of course you would like to plug them in, there is that option too.

Setup is as straightforward as 1- Place it, 2-Turn it on and 3- Choose a setting. Charging couldn’t be easier with the rechargeable battery built into the road-case. Not only are the LED’s simple to operate, they’re compact and super lightweight for stress-free transportation.  Don’t forget the remote option that comes with preprogrammed colors and scrolls.

These light fixtures will bring something extra to your wedding, corporate meeting, birthday party and any other indoor event. Just use your imagination! We currently have (10) 12 packs available for rent allowing us to accommodate any size event whether large, small or something in between.

Chauvet Freedom Par Hex-4:

This compact, colorful, battery-operated LED can be used as an up light on the floor or hung overhead.  These will serve as a great alternative to the Par 38 uplight.  Eliminating your need for gel or a power outlet, however you can still plug directly into the wall should your application call for longer life.

At Bay Stage Live, we constantly update our equipment and technology so we can provide you with the best possible products and service for your event.

3 Hidden Venue Charges Everyone Ought to Know About


Although most venues often don’t include professional lighting services with your space rental, they still have a VERY BIG say in how much it will cost you. Why? Because each venue sets its own fees for rigging, electrical and any additional labor services.

Read on to learn what these entail, and how to avoid being overcharged.

First, we have rigging. This is the structure which supports the light and sound equipment, both above and around your event space. Rigging can make the difference between an okay event and an incredible one! As it could be quite dangerous if anything falls, rigging should only be handled by a professional.

Second, there’s electrical. The type, amount and location of electrical power is what’s important here. Sufficient power is not always easily accessible, especially in older buildings. Even newer buildings may not have enough electrical service for the type of event you want. It may require additional costs, and it’s important you know this upfront.

Finally, there’s labor. As with rigging and electrical, labor is a varied expense. Some venues have in-house labor rules forcing you to pay for additional employees to shadow the professionals you’ve already hired to create, setup and run your event.

These expenses can and do affect your event budget. As an event specialist, Bay Stage Live is well aware of the questions you should ask your venue before you book it, and will guide you through the process.

If you’ve already found your venue, make sure to ask if there are separate charges for electricity, rigging or in-house labor. If so, require that these charges are presented to you, in writing, and prior to the event.

By asking good questions and picking the right companies to work with, you’ll be able to either avoid hidden charges or have enough time to work around them. No matter what, Bay Stage Live is here to help.

Why You Should Let a PRO Light Your Event


What’s the difference between a good event and an amazing event? Details.

When you put on an event you want it to be memorable for the right reasons and you certainly don’t want it to be mediocre. Hiring a professional to light your event or production can make a world of difference and make you look great!

How many events have you been to where the production or lighting was just okay and it was the DJ or the venue that did it? You may not know the answer to that question but based on our experience, a DJ is busy getting people on the dance floor and the venue wants to make sure your food comes out on time and that everyone has a seat at a table. The production is often an afterthought.

A lighting professional knows what little nuances in productions or live events can make or break the event. They know how to run the equipment and what will look best for every different occasion and setting. Why waste time figuring it out yourself or putting it in the hands of someone who doesn’t do this type of work for a living.

We are experts at addressing factors that you most likely wouldn’t consider. Through the years we have been through every situation, room set up, production challenge, and type of event. We have the answer for every question and the creativity to make your event seem like one of a kind. We’ll work within your budget to optimize your event lighting and make sure you get the best return on your investment.

Let us do what we do best, make you look great and ensure a fantastic event. It’s all in the details and we have them all covered.

For all of your event production needs, contact Bay Stage Live today!

New Gear for the New Year- Part 2

Last month we shared some of the goodies we received from Santa for being good boys and girls. Here’s part two!

Hog 4 Controller Console:

The Hog 4 is the flagship in our newest range of consoles. It embraces the latest technology, while retaining the Hog’s familiar control surface. Users will be able to walk up to the Hog 4 and start programming without having to learn a whole new interface. Retaining the sleek look of generations past, the Hog 4 offers the user an advanced programming experience in an established environment. The Hog 4 console, at the top of the Hog line, is designed to handle the largest shows.

Bay Stage Live

 HedgeHog 4 Controller Console:

This array of HedgeHog 4’s are the littlest of the range and still pack quite a punch, running the same software as all the other Hogs. They come with ArtNet and CITP capabilities and are designed for small to mid level shows. They are compact, lightweight and easy to take on a plane! Running on Linux, they are fast, stable and ready to Hog. Whether being used in a school theatre, nightclub, corporate event, medium scale rental job or church, they are the perfect consoles. Retaining the same programming layout as their larger brother, the Road Hog 4, as well as being able to load show files from any of the range (and vice versa) means that this compact console range is extremely flexible and easy to use.

Bay Stage Live

Look for our blog next month to see the last of our new equipment from Christmas 2014.

Got any ideas for your upcoming event? Call us today! We would love to bring your ideas to life! Bay Stage Live services the Tampa Bay Area, all of Florida and beyond.


New Gear for the New Year- Part 1

We were very good boys and girls last year, so Santa brought us lots of new equipment to share with you!

Below you’ll see some of our new gear in action!

Chauvet Legend:

This fixture features a 2.25° beam angle creating a bright tight beam of light. Compact and agile, it also features a zooming 8-facet prism and 17 gobos (plus open) for beam shaping effects, along with automated focus. In addition to 14 solid colors plus white, the color wheel delivers seamless split colors.  We now have 24 in our rental inventory.

Chauvet Legend

Chauvet Q Wash:

This is our new LED moving wash light.  They feature a wide zoom range and a variable beam angle. The incorporation of 91 high intensity and calibrated RGBWA Cree LEDs ensure a uniform wash, excellent color rendering and a vast color palette of soft pastels and vivid hues.

Chauvet Q Wash

Chauvet RGBA Fog Machine:

This is the newest kid on the block for Chauvet and adds serious fog and effects to our tool kit!   Vesuvio™ RGBA brings together high output LED washes to towering fog output with ferocious intensity. The Vesuvio™ RGBA atmospheric effect generator allows you to add red, green, blue, and amber color mixing (RGBA) to voluminous fog output for multi-colored atmospheric columns, bringing a new level of effects to your production.

RGBA Fog Machine

Look for our blog next month to find out what other new products we’ve added to our inventory.

Got any ideas for your upcoming event? Call us today! We would love to bring your party ideas to life!  Bay Stage Live services the Tampa Bay Area, all of Florida and beyond.


7 Basic Lighting Terms That You Need to Know for your Next Event

From mild to wild, elegant to bizarre, we know that great events thrive on impressive but appropriate lighting systems. Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult the professionals, but wouldn’t it be nice to know some expert terminology before your consultation time? Not only will you have an edge, but you’ll also be able to plan ahead and on budget.

Here, you have a basic event-lighting term list:

Non-Intelligent lights: Basic static fixtures only move to the music. They have an on/off switch, which make them easy to control. However, like most of the light and special effects packages provided by Bay Stage Live, the hardware does need to be installed by a professional.

Intelligent lights: These lights can be controlled and programmed to music or ambiance; they must always be supervised by an on-site technician.

Vertical and Horizontal Truss: If you’ve recently been to a concert, chances are that you’ve seen vertical or horizontal truss systems on/ or above the stage.

Vertical truss systems are usually set on either side of the stage’s floor; they stand like long, steel, hollow columns that support special lighting. On the other hand, horizontal truss columns are supported from above or below the stage to allow them to lay over or below the stage for a unique, specific lighting design.

Up lighting: Paint walls, columns, ceilings or doorways or simply light up a special moment of the event or location, without picking up a paintbrush.

Pin Spot: Highlight centerpieces or VIP sections at your event with pin spots. Pin spots may hang from the ceiling, or put on poles around the perimeter; the poles can be covered to match your event’s theme. Note: this feature can be limited by floor layouts and rig points in the ceiling

Custom Gobo: Gobos are a simple way to customize your event and bring fun to the party! Whether you choose patterns or names, custom Gobo projections will make your party much more personalized and charming.

Haze: Haze reflects beams of light without any health hazard, which makes it the perfect selection for a safe but impressive event.

Haze is a clear, reflective water particle that works well to create an exciting ambiance and highlight the beams of light at your next theme party. Thinking of a concert with a local band, or maybe a themed Holiday party? Haze is your answer.

Got any ideas for your upcoming event? Call us today! We would love to bring your party ideas to life!  Bay Stage Live services the Tampa Bay Area and beyond.