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A basic introduction to the wonderful world of LED walls

BSL blog post - LED WallMaybe you’ve heard of an LED wall, maybe you’ve seen one. Either way, you’re probably wondering what the heck it is.

It’s exactly what it sounds like – a wall full of LED screens.

Only that’s just the beginning. The viewing quality of these super-sized screens is already awesome yet it’s still continuing to get better! The screens are brighter and crisper than ever before, thanks to persistent progress in technology. Additionally, the software is becoming easier to use, empowering more people to seek out the LED wall as a cool feature for their events.

Did you know that you can use an LED wall to display your logo, change color and showcase special effects? There are really no restrictions to what you can do, especially since you can now upload anything you want.

Want custom graphics? Done! Would you like to do a live feed? You got it! The LED wall is nothing if not versatile. And, as it becomes more mainstream, it’s a good bet that everything associated with it will become less expensive to do. That’s the beauty of electronics.

As we discuss the greatness of the LED wall, we realize there are some people who will try to measure it against the projector. There is no comparison. An LED wall does everything a projector does, and better. An LED wall is brighter, crisper, and it allows more creativity & customization.

Yes, video mapping may be the one area where the projector still reigns supreme. But let’s be honest… video mapping is not what most people will need and want from an LED wall. And if you so desire, the same mapping effect could ultimately be achieved with a mounted LED wall.

To be clear, we feel the awesomeness of the LED wall is quickly turning the projector into the eight-track of the event lighting industry. We’re not the only ones.

We’re excited to continue exploring the world of LED walls and sharing what we’ve learned. If you’re interested in including an LED wall at your next event, simply contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist you!

Charley Belcher Visits Bay Stage Live


A couple weeks ago, we had a very special visitor. Charley Belcher of Fox 13 visited our facility and got a crash course in all our services, design and even looked larger than life on our 30-foot LED wall.  Charley, his cameraman and our crew showed up bright and early on a Friday morning and set up some of our equipment to show off!

CharleyBelcher2     CharleyBelcher1

Most of the team was on hand to demonstrate our fog machines, lasers and LED wall.  Yvonne, Nicole and Danielle walked him through the history of Bay Stage Live from its inception in 1957 to today. Charley reminded us of so many wonderful memories of Elvis and JFK.

CharleyBelcher4 300x225     CharleyBelcher3

To bring it full circle, Greg Utley, VP of Design, walked Charley through a stage design and set up for the Margarita Festival and Smashmouth. Charley was amazed with all the technology available today to ensure that your stage and production give you the best look and feel for your room, event or festival.

Not such bad work for a rookie, Charley! If the Fox 13 gig doesn’t work out, we’re hiring!