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New Gear for the New Year 2016 (Part One)

Bay Stage Live - NewGear3

At the beginning of each year, our Bay Stage Live team discusses which new gear we should add to our ever-growing inventory. We think about items our customers will use, and what we believe will add value to the events we’re asked to create. We look at current trends, while considering future ones as well. Based on all of this information, we come up with “The List”. Once it’s finalized, we go shopping!

As we get into the specifics of our new gear, you’ll notice we’re moving towards products which offer better energy efficiency and convenience. For example, we purchased three professional high quality lighting fixtures; the Elation WW Profile LED Ellipsoidal, the Elation Colour 5 Profile LED Ellipsoidal and the Elation SixPar 300. These are fixtures that make life a little easier for everybody, and ones you’ll have a tough time finding elsewhere.

Of the three fixtures, two are ellipsoidal lights. Their purpose is to accumulate light, then direct it through a barrel with a lens. Both of our newly purchased ellipsoidal models share a few features in common, such as a CRI over 94 which provides a more realistic reproduction of an object’s color. These luminaires also support B-size metal gobos. Both fixtures work with a variety of lens options (10, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°) to give you maximum effectiveness and flexibility for your lighting needs. However, the lens size must be specified and they are rented separately. Finally, both luminaires offer more accurate lighting due to the manual focus and 4-blade framing system.

Below, we’ll get into the differences of each lighting fixture.

Elation WW Profile LED Ellipsoidal

This is a very efficient, warm white ellipsoidal spotlight fixture which meets the professional quality of light required for theatre and broadcast. It works well for accentuating decor on-stage, highlighting performers or illuminating presenters. It’s maximum energy consumption is 160W, making it much more efficient than customary warm white lights.

Elation Colour 5 Profile LED Ellipsoidal

This is an all-new, multi-color LED spotlight fixture, featuring a 180W RGBAM (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Mint) LED engine. In addition to providing a larger assortment of colors, it also produces spectacular ambers and true whites. This ellipsoidal really shines with its ability to uniformly mix many colors, creating nearly any color imaginable, whether fierce vibrant shades or soft, muted pastels.

Elation SixPar 300

With an estimated 100,000 hours of life, this is an RGBAW+UV fixture. This robust unit features 18 distinct six-in-one LEDs of 12W, an electronic strobe, five variable dimming curve modes and daisy-chaining capabilities. Its rugged build ensures we’ll have this fixture for a very long time.

Elation Opti 30 UV

The Opti 30 UV by Elation Professional is an Opti Par 30 with 12x 1W UV LEDs. This unit features sturdy high impact aluminum construction. The Opti 30 UV produces a standard beam angle of 25° and is equipped with a 3-pin DMX connection. This unit also features very low power consumption and very low heat output. Rigging for the Opti 30 UV includes double hanging brackets. These new black lights are an affordable option to highlight Halloween décor, glow art, glowing stage acts, and glow parties.

Elation Cuepix Blinder WW4

The new CUEPIX Blinder WW4™ features (4) long life 100W Warm White 3,200K COB LEDs, a 62° beam angle and 100° field angle, RDM (Remote Device Management), individual control of each COB module, manual pan focus, variable and selectable dimming curves, strobe effects, flicker free operation for TV and Film, 3pin and 5pin DMX and powerCon in/out connections. These fixtures are a great option for concerts or venue house lighting.

That’s all we have to share this week. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we discuss the rest of our new gear for the new year! In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us, should you need anything at all.

A Year In Review: Technology

Pixabay - event lighting4

From massive walls to brighter bulbs and more powerful software, there’s no denying that 2015 was the year of the LED.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with LEDs (light emitting diodes), our blog post “Getting Started with LED Lights, Fixtures and Colors” provides a crash course in this technology. You can also check out, “How LEDs Have Changed The Event Lighting Industry” for a more detailed look at the advantages LED bulbs bring to the event world. Many of these benefits also apply to the LEDs you use at home.

Now, let’s get into the changes in LED technology this year.

LED software for the lighting industry is going crazy right now, but in a good way. The phase-out of incandescent light bulbs has greatly assisted in pushing LED technology forward. Everything is getting beefed up by becoming more powerful and user-friendly.

At the moment, everyone is trying to make everything LED. Many people who have their own specific vision about LED software, now have the opportunity to make it happen. It’s an exciting time to be in the lighting and design business.

At the same time, a lot of retailers are pushing out old products to get rid of their stock. It’s difficult to want to buy anything in anticipation of what new technology will be coming out next year. Right now, we’re in a similar situation to what happened 20 years ago. We’ve just about hit the threshold of what’s possible (with the LED), and are now waiting to see who will be first to break through to the other side.

Although LED software is quickly becoming easier to use, it’s still geared towards professionals, not the average person. Those who work in the lighting profession are hearing what people want to use, and they’re tweaking the technology accordingly. This is a big reason why everything is converging into one.

Once LED technology has been maximized, our prediction is that we’ll go back to standard-looking sets. We also anticipate further development of holograms. However, that’s at least five years away from happening. Virtual concerts are yet another future trend. These events could be fully virtual or just incorporate virtual in a small way. Right now, it’s just an interesting concept, but something will happen down the road.

At Bay Stage Live, we’re ecstatic to see what the future of event lighting and design holds. No matter what happens, you can always be sure we’ll share what we learn with you, our valued customers. If you have any questions about lighting design, products or need our help with an event – contact us today.

How LEDs Have Changed The Event Lighting Industry


Since 1879, we’ve all been using the same incandescent light first created by Thomas Edison. Until about five years ago. That’s when LED technology popped up, and began radically changing the lighting world.

On a similar note, you’ve likely heard a smattering of information about switching to LEDs at home. Although the focus of this post is on LEDs in event lighting, many of the topics listed below will also apply to how LEDs are used in homes. For that reason, we’ll explore how LEDs stack up to incandescent bulbs as well as CFLs (compact fluorescent lights).

  • An LED has a longer life span. LEDs last longer because they require less energy to work properly. An Incandescent bulb lasts around 1,000 hours before it completely blows out and becomes unusable. In comparison, a CFL bulb averages 8,000 hours of usage while an LED bulb lasts up to 50,000 hours!

{TIP} As your LED approaches the end of its life, the light will become dimmer. Buying bulbs with built-in heat sinks will help your bulbs remain cool to the touch and ensure a long lasting LED.

  • An LED has reduced power consumption. The power consumption of an LED is significantly less than an incandescent bulb, and slightly less than a CFL. A 60 watt incandescent bulb is equivalent to a 13-18 watt CFL and an 8-12 watt LED. The lower power consumption results in a lower energy bill, which means more money in your pocket.
  • An LED has decreased heat output. All light bulbs put out heat. And as anyone who’s touched a working light bulb knows, they can get quite hot! Any additional heat buildup leaks out into the surrounding space, causing your air conditioner to work harder at cooling down the air. Here’s how much heat you can expect from each type of bulb:

One 60 watt incandescent bulb produces 205 Btu’s/hour. An equivalent LED bulb produces 27 Btu’s/hour, and one CFL produces 44 Btu’s/hour. In this real world example, the incandescent is generating 7.5 times as much heat as the LED!

{TIP} You can easily convert any wattage to Btu’s/hour using the equation: 1 watt = 3.414 Btu’s/hour.

  • An LED has fewer cables. LEDs need fewer cables because they need less power. Since each cable is limited in the amount of power it can handle, the only way to add more power is to add more cables. LEDs are a great workaround to this particular problem. Using incandescent bulbs, you can only get 3 fixtures on one cable. With LED bulbs, you can place 30 fixtures on one cable. That’s 90% less cable required for the same amount of light output!
  • An LED has a lower long-term expense. The cost of an LED bulb has greatly decreased since they first hit the market. Although it’s still more expensive to initially purchase an LED, you will pay less over the long-term because you won’t have to replace them nearly as often as a CFL or an incandescent bulb. What’s more, those energy savings we mentioned previously should also be taken into account when viewing your long-term expenses.

At Bay Stage Live, we’re big supporters of LEDs! They’re easier to work with, they save energy and money, and they last far longer! Most companies agree, and are making the change to LEDs; however, some are still hanging onto the old technology.

The next time you need lighting for your event, choose a company that utilizes the newest technology and equipment!

For questions, concerns or guidance – call us at (813) 877-1089.


Getting Started with LED Lights, Fixtures and Colors


In the world of event lighting, it’s all in the details. As lighting often plays a large role in how your event looks and most importantly, how your guests feel, getting it right is crucial.

The Good and the Bad

To start with, there are good LEDs, and then there are not-so-good LEDs. Besides price, the major difference is typically quality. Typically… but not always. Unfortunately, a lot of non-reputable rental companies will buy the cheap LEDs yet still charge the high price of a quality LED! However, you can easily avoid this situation by choosing a trustworthy company.

When you purchase or rent LEDs from a reputable establishment, you’ll notice the better quality ones are also a bit more expensive. In return, these lights provide optimum performance, lasting for a number of years. In fact, if you ran a high quality LED 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it wouldn’t even begin to wear out for 20-30 years! Furthermore, if you want your LED colors to match (i.e. all the blues are the exact same shade of blue) then you need a high quality LED. If you opt for the cheap version, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

The drastic differences in appearance occur because each LED manufacturer has their own process for color matching LEDs. Each color is made in its own batch, such that red LEDs are made in one batch, while the blue ones are made in another. Trustworthy manufacturers give you the most consistent color from your LEDs by (1) Sending LEDs from the same batch and (2) Spending extra money testing and calibrating machines to ensure each batch uses the same color mix.

Wired vs. Battery-Powered Fixtures

ColorBlast, Wireless and Hex all refer to LED lighting fixtures. Some are wired (ColorBlast), while others are wireless (Hex). Fixtures also come in various sizes and styles, making it pretty easy to find what you need.

When comparing wired and wireless LED fixtures, we find the wireless to be pretty incredible! They save on labor charges because they don’t require our lighting experts to run a bunch of cable. They also save money on electricity charges due to their energy-efficiency. Additionally, wireless is more user-friendly for anyone interested in running the lights for their own show.

Besides the lack of cables, the biggest distinction between wired and wireless fixtures is their output. Wireless components don’t yet provide the same output as their wired counterparts. As such, these battery-powered units are best for events which last 18 hours or less. At that point, the lights have to be removed from their location and placed back in their cases to recharge the batteries.


Every fixture is built to create certain colors. Each letter correlates to a color, such that R = Red, G = Green, B = Blue, W = White and A = Amber. Using this guide, an RGBA fixture can provide red, green, blue or amber color combinations.

For most events, an RGBA or RGBW fixture will suffice. They both use red, green and blue to create numerous color combinations. Keep in mind that RGBA will produce warmer shades, while RGBW provides cooler variations of the same color.

RGBWA contains red, green, blue, white and amber which allows you to make any color imaginable! It’s a little more expensive than the RGBA or RGBW so make sure you really need all the colors before choosing it. This type of fixture is ideal for live TV and video recorded events.

The RGBAU is a UV fixture which makes an amazing black light! RGBA or RGBW can “kind of” make a black light but the RGBAU is your absolute best option for a themed event. The UV offers that extra bit of punch to make your lights really stand out. While the RGBAU is versatile, offering many colors in addition to the UV option, it’s higher price and lack of wireless options make it more of a specialty fixture.

By now you should have a good grasp on how to choose the right LED for your next event! Avoid overpaying for low quality LEDs or fixtures you don’t need by choosing a reputable event lighting company like Bay Stage Live.

Our family business has been around since 1957. We have a tremendously talented team of designers, producers and production support ready to customize your next event. In fact, see what our past customers have said about us on our TESTIMONIAL PAGE. Then CONTACT US to discuss your event lighting options!

What You Need To Know About InfoComm 2015

InfoComm1 resizedInfoComm is a yearly executive conference exclusively available to live events professionals like Bay Stage Live! Here’s an inside look at what’s old and new in live event technology.

Old and New Technology

There were so many cool things at InfoComm! First off, there were a LOT of video walls. We’re starting to see LED technology become more universal. As more and more people embrace the LED, the focus has turned to fine-tuning it. We really liked the mesh walls you could line a truss with. It’s similar to a ticker that goes around the seating sections of an arena. We’d love to be able to line all of the trussing on any given show with the video mesh for added effect.

Throughout InfoComm, we noticed the excitement and tension in the air. The next big thing is going to be released soon and we’re all waiting for the moment when it happens.

In preparation, anyone still using and distributing old technology, such as projectors, are looking to sell these items. Now may be the time to get a deal.

Trending and Future Technology

There’s no green tech yet, but it is coming. There are a number of new technologies (out within the past few years) where we haven’t even scratched the surface in what they can fully do.

Sunbelt’s solar-powered light tower is one such example. The Tesla battery is another newer technology which could eventually be incorporated into the event & lighting industry. That would be revolutionary. Harnessing the power from the sun and turning it into event lighting is one of Bay Stage Live’s ultimate goals.

We also sense hologram technology will be improved on, maybe in a year or two. Right now, it’s very limited. We’re just getting to a place where we can do some cool stuff.

We’ve been waiting for the day when the lighting expert and video expert become the same person. It looks like that’s happening now. As all of the LED video technology continues to be used for lighting effects, the lighting professional must be well-versed in LED video technology in order to keep up with the times.

Understanding technology trends and how to use them to make your event incredible – is our job. If you would like our help in creating your next event, call us at (813) 877-1089.

Charley Belcher Visits Bay Stage Live


A couple weeks ago, we had a very special visitor. Charley Belcher of Fox 13 visited our facility and got a crash course in all our services, design and even looked larger than life on our 30-foot LED wall.  Charley, his cameraman and our crew showed up bright and early on a Friday morning and set up some of our equipment to show off!

CharleyBelcher2     CharleyBelcher1

Most of the team was on hand to demonstrate our fog machines, lasers and LED wall.  Yvonne, Nicole and Danielle walked him through the history of Bay Stage Live from its inception in 1957 to today. Charley reminded us of so many wonderful memories of Elvis and JFK.

CharleyBelcher4 300x225     CharleyBelcher3

To bring it full circle, Greg Utley, VP of Design, walked Charley through a stage design and set up for the Margarita Festival and Smashmouth. Charley was amazed with all the technology available today to ensure that your stage and production give you the best look and feel for your room, event or festival.

Not such bad work for a rookie, Charley! If the Fox 13 gig doesn’t work out, we’re hiring!

Event Lighting: The Many Benefits of LEDs

LED lights are the #1 choice for your event. They’re safe, convenient, and as of 2015 they’re your best option for event lighting. If you haven’t heard – 2015 is the year when incandescent lights were officially outlawed. That’s right – these lights are no longer manufactured, and it took a lot of people by surprise.

It didn’t bother us a bit when incandescent lights were banned because at Bay Stage Live, we use LED lights. Why? They’re a superior light source! LEDs are safer, more lightweight and use less power than incandescent lights. It’s amazing how many lights you can truly utilize, due to their small size and weight. Both of which make transportation and setup much easier.

There are many options in LED lighting to suit your needs! If you need flexibility, choose battery-powered LEDs. There are no wires attached so this allows for more possibilities in placement, making wireless battery powered LEDs especially handy for uplighting.  You won’t be restricted by the location of power outlets or have to hide extension cords.

LEDs come in a variety of colors and you can get multiple colors out of one fixture. Newer filters now mimic a warmer look, similar to that of an incandescent light. Some LEDs even offer wireless communication –this is an exciting topic for another day!

Incandescent lights consumed a ton of power and became very hot. In fact, all that heat was necessary for the light to work properly. LEDs just don’t need that much heat to work. They do get hot, but much of the heat disappears through metal heat sinks, which wick away the heat from the light source itself. Less heat means less energy and that’s exactly why you get more life out of an LED light than you do an incandescent one.

Incandescent lights are history, and LEDs are here to stay. That’s just fine with us because we know LED lights are the best choice for your next event! If you have an upcoming event you’d like our help with, contact Bay Stage Live today.

New Gear for the New Year- Part 1

We were very good boys and girls last year, so Santa brought us lots of new equipment to share with you!

Below you’ll see some of our new gear in action!

Chauvet Legend:

This fixture features a 2.25° beam angle creating a bright tight beam of light. Compact and agile, it also features a zooming 8-facet prism and 17 gobos (plus open) for beam shaping effects, along with automated focus. In addition to 14 solid colors plus white, the color wheel delivers seamless split colors.  We now have 24 in our rental inventory.

Chauvet Legend

Chauvet Q Wash:

This is our new LED moving wash light.  They feature a wide zoom range and a variable beam angle. The incorporation of 91 high intensity and calibrated RGBWA Cree LEDs ensure a uniform wash, excellent color rendering and a vast color palette of soft pastels and vivid hues.

Chauvet Q Wash

Chauvet RGBA Fog Machine:

This is the newest kid on the block for Chauvet and adds serious fog and effects to our tool kit!   Vesuvio™ RGBA brings together high output LED washes to towering fog output with ferocious intensity. The Vesuvio™ RGBA atmospheric effect generator allows you to add red, green, blue, and amber color mixing (RGBA) to voluminous fog output for multi-colored atmospheric columns, bringing a new level of effects to your production.

RGBA Fog Machine

Look for our blog next month to find out what other new products we’ve added to our inventory.

Got any ideas for your upcoming event? Call us today! We would love to bring your party ideas to life!  Bay Stage Live services the Tampa Bay Area, all of Florida and beyond.


7 Basic Lighting Terms That You Need to Know for your Next Event

From mild to wild, elegant to bizarre, we know that great events thrive on impressive but appropriate lighting systems. Of course, it’s always a good idea to consult the professionals, but wouldn’t it be nice to know some expert terminology before your consultation time? Not only will you have an edge, but you’ll also be able to plan ahead and on budget.

Here, you have a basic event-lighting term list:

Non-Intelligent lights: Basic static fixtures only move to the music. They have an on/off switch, which make them easy to control. However, like most of the light and special effects packages provided by Bay Stage Live, the hardware does need to be installed by a professional.

Intelligent lights: These lights can be controlled and programmed to music or ambiance; they must always be supervised by an on-site technician.

Vertical and Horizontal Truss: If you’ve recently been to a concert, chances are that you’ve seen vertical or horizontal truss systems on/ or above the stage.

Vertical truss systems are usually set on either side of the stage’s floor; they stand like long, steel, hollow columns that support special lighting. On the other hand, horizontal truss columns are supported from above or below the stage to allow them to lay over or below the stage for a unique, specific lighting design.

Up lighting: Paint walls, columns, ceilings or doorways or simply light up a special moment of the event or location, without picking up a paintbrush.

Pin Spot: Highlight centerpieces or VIP sections at your event with pin spots. Pin spots may hang from the ceiling, or put on poles around the perimeter; the poles can be covered to match your event’s theme. Note: this feature can be limited by floor layouts and rig points in the ceiling

Custom Gobo: Gobos are a simple way to customize your event and bring fun to the party! Whether you choose patterns or names, custom Gobo projections will make your party much more personalized and charming.

Haze: Haze reflects beams of light without any health hazard, which makes it the perfect selection for a safe but impressive event.

Haze is a clear, reflective water particle that works well to create an exciting ambiance and highlight the beams of light at your next theme party. Thinking of a concert with a local band, or maybe a themed Holiday party? Haze is your answer.

Got any ideas for your upcoming event? Call us today! We would love to bring your party ideas to life!  Bay Stage Live services the Tampa Bay Area and beyond.



Advantages of Using Battery Powered LEDs

The invention of the efficient battery powered LED light is only twenty years old, but it has already contributed to creating light in an entirely new manner to the benefit of us all. In fact, this past October, three Japanese scientists Isamu Akasak, Hiroshi Amano, Shuji Nakamura won the Nobel Price “for the invention of efficient blue light-emitting diodes which has enabled bright and energy-saving white light sources.” In other words, they invented an LED lamp that requires a very little amount of energy as it is cheaply operated by solar power.

The greatness of newly invented LED lighting has helped, and will help millions of people internationally, however the already advanced and efficient battery-powered LEDs have been making a difference in all sorts of ways, especially in the event industry.

In honor of the recent Nobel Prize victory, we took the time to list the top 5 advantages of using battery operated LED lights at your next event:

1. Less Need for Cables
Avoid unfortunate accidents, extensive set up and break down time.
Thanks to battery powered LED lights, there is now less need for cables in live event setups.

2. Low Energy Cost
LED lights are preferable to incandescent lights for many reasons, the biggest one, however, is that they burn cooler and produce more light for less energy cost. You can stay confident that your event, power wise, will be very affordable.

3. Variety of Colors and Styles
Corporate event? Wedding? Concert? LEDs are suitable for any ambiance. LED lights are available in a variety of colors and styles, making them suitable for any event.

4. No More Overloaded Circuits
One of the biggest dilemmas in event set up is the logistics of plugging in lights and making sure not to overload circuits. Battery power eliminates this problem entirely. Lights can be placed anywhere they are needed without regard to the nearest outlet or how many other lights are already near it.

5. Switch-Free
What is arguably the most popular feature of battery-powered LED lights is the remote control capability. The lights have a wireless controller allowing you to control up to 16 different lighting design options with the touch of a button. This adds excitement to any event you use these lights for, but makes them especially useful for live performances.

Our knowledgeable staff will help train you on the proper use of the lights to maximize performance, and we have a 24/7 customer service “emergency” hot line should assistance be needed outside of business hours. Contact Bay Stage Live to rent battery powered LED lights for your next event.

Let’s make your event, BRIGHTER!