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We Are Thankful For…

BSL - Thanksgiving

The Bay Stage Live team was asked, “What are you most thankful for?” This is what they said…

Brian Justo: I am thankful for a healthy life and for all the wonderful things it allows me to appreciate. Things like my ability to enjoy my wife, daughters ‘n husbands, grandchildren, brother and 89 year old mother; still in good health, as well as my fantastic family in Spain. With all of these gifts I get to spend time with my Bay Stage Live family, who I thoroughly enjoy and respect. I also appreciate the great opportunity I have to eat and drink my way through the U.S. and Europe.

Yvonne Justo: In business, I am thankful for all of our BSL employees. They are dedicated, loyal, and treat our company as though it were their own.

Personally I am thankful for having a healthy family; immediate and extended.  I am also thankful for the miracle of birth for giving me my granddaughter Elle and my future grandson Jake.

Nicole Justo Idziak: I am thankful for my husband Scott, my sweet Luke, my family, all of the wonderful people in my life that I learn from every day and most of all I am thankful for the little miracle that is growing inside of me.

Danielle Justo Sherwin: I am so very thankful for my husband Mike, our doggie Max and our new little miracle baby, Elle. I am thankful for modern medicine, which allowed our dream of a family to come true. I am thankful for my amazing parents and sister, and for our growing family. I am thankful for a wonderful family business that I get to be a part of everyday. And finally, I am thankful for all of my family, friends, our health, happiness and love that we share.

Greg Utley: I am thankful for waking up on the topside of the dirt everyday! I am thankful for my Mom, Sister and a special core of friends for always loving me and laying the law down when needed. I am also very thankful for this amazing country that we live in! Most of all for Baby Jesus and his dad….. God! (Alien or not)

Michele Tunstall: I’m thankful for my wonderful family and friends. As well as being able to wake up every day and I’m healthy.

Chris Hardt: Modern medicine/drugs, my Manx, my house, my sister’s pregnancy going well, my disgustingly cute niece and nephew, and clients like Anna Lucia. I am also thankful that Danielle finally got knocked up and had such a ridiculously cute and sweet baby. Everyone playing with her makes me very happy… especially Yvonne talking about her fat legs… I would be more thankful if there were puppies around here more!

Patrick Robert: I am thankful for my family, my friends, and for the return of the production season… It’s been a long hot summer!

Kelley Gifford: I am thankful for stepper motors. Stepper motors made the birth of intelligent lighting possible. I am thankful for the DMX protocol. DMX made it possible for us to tell our intelligent lights what to do. I am thankful for Q-tips. I enjoy a good eargasm.

Cody Barden: I am thankful for running water, power, and a roof over my head.  I am thankful that I have an amazing job I can go to everyday.  I am thankful for my awesome family and friends always being there for me.

David Robert: I am thankful for all of my friends, family, and the people around me that make life worth living.  I am astonished by the quality of people that I am lucky enough to have around me.

Matt White: I’m thankful for finding my passion and career early in life and sticking to it. I’m thankful for a supportive and amazing group of friends and family who love and support my ambitions. I’m thankful for art in all its forms, and its ability to affect us on a level words and emotions can’t explain. I’m thankful to bear witness to our accomplishments in art and production over the many years of human evolution.