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New Gear for the Near Year 2016 (Part Two)

Bay Stage Live - NewGear3

Welcome back! Earlier this month we revealed Part One of this series. If you missed it, go back and read it now.

Moving on, we’re stoked to add Air Star Crystals to our collection! It’s a balloon-type fixture which raises up in the air, allowing it’s light to illuminate an area. Essentially, it mimics a small sun. At a height of 17 feet, it can cover 150 feet of area with light. This type of lighting is often used at construction areas since it provides a very comfortable, soft light (i.e. it won’t blind anyone). This new lighting fixture is exclusive to Bay Stage Live, at least in the Tampa Bay area.  Suggested uses include but are not limited to: area/safety lighting, event décor, logo branding, and fashion shows.

Late last year we acquired some Sumner Eventer Lifts.  These are a great way to save costs on rigging.  They have a weight capacity of 600 lbs, and can lift up to 25’.

In addition, there comes a time when old gear must be replaced with new. Thus, we’ve bought new Stage Decks, they come in 4’ x 8’ sections with quad ripple non-skid coating and can be 12”, 24”, or 36” high.

g3000We’ve also purchased the newer version of our G300 fog machine, which is actually called the G3000 Fog Effects Generator. This is the fogger we use to create low lying fog effects coupled with our LSG.  It’s fitted with RDM technology, DMX compatibility, 2000w Dual Core Rapid Change Block, continuous thermal control and a completely functional back-lit digital remote. It only takes 12 minutes to warm up, making it easy to use on the fly! It’s sturdy stainless steel structure supports one-gallon of fog fluid. This fog machine works well in many different applications and environments, and we’re certainly happy to have it in our repertoire.

Due to high demand, you’ll be happy to hear that we’re increasing our inventory of the following items:

Bay Stage Live - NewGear2


Chauvet Freedom™ Par Hex-4 – An incredibly colorful model, it has four 10-watt RGBAW+UV LEDs for that extra oomph.

High End Hedge Hog 4 Console – Both lightweight and compact, this console runs quickly and steadily using Linux software. It’s perfect for small to medium shows such as corporate events, churches, school theaters or nightclubs.

Bay Stage Live Wireless Battery Powered LED – Offering an average of 8 hours of life, electronic dimming, a Master / Slave Synchronization (wireless and wired) and 24 LEDs – the Bay Stage Live Wireless LED is the perfect addition to any event.

That’s it for our New Gear for the Near Year! If we sparked an idea for an event that you’d like to discuss further, simply contact us today!

New Gear for the New Year 2016 (Part One)

Bay Stage Live - NewGear3

At the beginning of each year, our Bay Stage Live team discusses which new gear we should add to our ever-growing inventory. We think about items our customers will use, and what we believe will add value to the events we’re asked to create. We look at current trends, while considering future ones as well. Based on all of this information, we come up with “The List”. Once it’s finalized, we go shopping!

As we get into the specifics of our new gear, you’ll notice we’re moving towards products which offer better energy efficiency and convenience. For example, we purchased three professional high quality lighting fixtures; the Elation WW Profile LED Ellipsoidal, the Elation Colour 5 Profile LED Ellipsoidal and the Elation SixPar 300. These are fixtures that make life a little easier for everybody, and ones you’ll have a tough time finding elsewhere.

Of the three fixtures, two are ellipsoidal lights. Their purpose is to accumulate light, then direct it through a barrel with a lens. Both of our newly purchased ellipsoidal models share a few features in common, such as a CRI over 94 which provides a more realistic reproduction of an object’s color. These luminaires also support B-size metal gobos. Both fixtures work with a variety of lens options (10, 19°, 26°, 36° and 50°) to give you maximum effectiveness and flexibility for your lighting needs. However, the lens size must be specified and they are rented separately. Finally, both luminaires offer more accurate lighting due to the manual focus and 4-blade framing system.

Below, we’ll get into the differences of each lighting fixture.

Elation WW Profile LED Ellipsoidal

This is a very efficient, warm white ellipsoidal spotlight fixture which meets the professional quality of light required for theatre and broadcast. It works well for accentuating decor on-stage, highlighting performers or illuminating presenters. It’s maximum energy consumption is 160W, making it much more efficient than customary warm white lights.

Elation Colour 5 Profile LED Ellipsoidal

This is an all-new, multi-color LED spotlight fixture, featuring a 180W RGBAM (Red, Green, Blue, Amber, Mint) LED engine. In addition to providing a larger assortment of colors, it also produces spectacular ambers and true whites. This ellipsoidal really shines with its ability to uniformly mix many colors, creating nearly any color imaginable, whether fierce vibrant shades or soft, muted pastels.

Elation SixPar 300

With an estimated 100,000 hours of life, this is an RGBAW+UV fixture. This robust unit features 18 distinct six-in-one LEDs of 12W, an electronic strobe, five variable dimming curve modes and daisy-chaining capabilities. Its rugged build ensures we’ll have this fixture for a very long time.

Elation Opti 30 UV

The Opti 30 UV by Elation Professional is an Opti Par 30 with 12x 1W UV LEDs. This unit features sturdy high impact aluminum construction. The Opti 30 UV produces a standard beam angle of 25° and is equipped with a 3-pin DMX connection. This unit also features very low power consumption and very low heat output. Rigging for the Opti 30 UV includes double hanging brackets. These new black lights are an affordable option to highlight Halloween décor, glow art, glowing stage acts, and glow parties.

Elation Cuepix Blinder WW4

The new CUEPIX Blinder WW4™ features (4) long life 100W Warm White 3,200K COB LEDs, a 62° beam angle and 100° field angle, RDM (Remote Device Management), individual control of each COB module, manual pan focus, variable and selectable dimming curves, strobe effects, flicker free operation for TV and Film, 3pin and 5pin DMX and powerCon in/out connections. These fixtures are a great option for concerts or venue house lighting.

That’s all we have to share this week. Stay tuned for our next blog post where we discuss the rest of our new gear for the new year! In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact us, should you need anything at all.

7 Simple Lighting Techniques


BSL blog post image - 7SimpleLightingTechniques

The start of the holiday season always has us excited about the many events to come! For those in charge of putting together a festive affair this year, the list below will help you make it a remarkable one.

#1: Transform the room with Leko lights (ellipsoidals).

Often standard in theatre lighting, a Leko or ellipsoidal is a type of spotlight. Currently, it’s the only affordable fixture with the ability to project a gobo. The intelligent light is another option, albeit a more expensive one. In our opinion, Lekos are the way to go!

#2: Create low-lying fog at the entrance.

This feature is sure to be a huge hit! Low-lying fog can create a short-term or long-term effect. To determine which technique will work best for your event, we encourage you to read our blog post “Atmospheric Effects 101: Fog versus Haze” or just contact us.

#3: Make it snow…

You won’t find quality snow machines for sale at your local retailer; however, our warehouse offers high quality choices that you can rent. Our snow machines work with biodegradable fluid that won’t stain your clothes. The fluid also dries quickly and won’t be a slip hazard. Not all fluids can make these same claims.

If you’d like to rent a snow machine, submit your request here or pay us a visit at the warehouse where our staff will be happy to help you!

#4: Stick with three decor colors.

There’s no denying that red and green have been engrained into our minds as THE colors of Christmas. But did you know that mixing these two pigments results in a not-too-pretty brown color? So, if you do decide to use red and green lighting, make sure your lighting does not overlap!

Since red and green are complementary colors, be careful when choosing each shade. If the level of brightness is too similar, both colors will compete for your attention. This can be very unsettling. One solution is to break up the red and green by incorporating a third hue such as amber or blue.

While you may be able to successfully mix more than three colors, keep in mind that the brain tends to get overwhelmed when it sees too many colors at once. One way to work around this issue is by choosing one color and using various shades of it, as well as several textures, throughout your décor. 

#5: Cover existing lights with colored gels.

Gels are an extremely easy way to incorporate color into your event. Use them to create a softly subtle mood or one that’s incredibly impactful. As you’re considering which colors to include, take a peek at the type of light source you’ll be covering. It could impact the final shade.

Rosco Laboratories, Inc. is one of our partners who offers a huge selection of gel brands and colors. Stop by the Supply Sales office in our warehouse for help choosing and ordering the filters you need.

#6: Turn the air conditioning down to 65 degrees.

This is an easy, often overlooked technique for setting the mood. Furthermore, a colder room will keep people more alert and comfortable.

#7: Merry Christmas gobo.

In our opinion, this technique will set the mood better than anything else. For maximum impact, place your gobo right smack in the middle of the action.

And if you know absolutely nothing about gobos, you’re missing out on a very cool lighting technique. Read “The Beginners Guide To Gobos” for a quick overview, or if you’d like ideas on how to incorporate gobos into your design, take a peek at this post.

You should now be well-equipped to transform your event using these seven lighting techniques! If you have any questions, please give us a call at (813) 877-1089.

Bay Stage Live Services

BSL Photo

At Bay Stage Live, we deliver epic experiences.

During the past 58 years, we’ve built our reputation as the creators of extraordinary events. We’ve succeeded by pairing cutting-edge trends with our most innovative ideas.

Over time (and at the request of many clients), we’ve branched out to other areas, including: supply sales, equipment rental and repair. Next, we’ll share a brief explanation of each service we offer, so you understand the many ways we can help you.


Amidst our massive complex sits a state of the art Dream Theatre; the only one of its kind in Tampa Bay. Once we’ve developed a design concept, this theatre uses its amazing 3D technology to present you with a digital replica. You’ll be able to see the entire set design including audio visual, lighting, and staging. You can also calculate seating arrangements that produce detailed floor plans and layouts.

At Bay Stage Live, we feature the latest trends. And as you’ll soon find out – our custom designs boldly go where no designs have gone before.


Producing live events has been one of our specialties since we started this business back in 1957. Our world class staff of lighting designers, event producers, and production support know exactly how to customize your experience one idea at a time. When the time comes, you can be sure our systematically trained production team will deliver a meaningful experience for your audience.

After all, we understand the importance of executing a flawless event.


You deserve quality equipment, and that’s why we have a strict rental process. There is always a routine inspection of the gear before it leaves the facility and also upon its return. This inspection includes cleaning, testing and performance evaluation to ensure everything is working as it should be.

There’s also a 24 hour technical support line for questions before, during or after your event.

We carry current and NEW audio/visual technology, including: lighting fixtures, cables, pipes, trusses, dimmers, power distribution, consoles, LED technology and special effects.


When it comes to repairing your equipment, our staff has the expertise to fix what’s broken. We’re also certified to handle warranty repairs. Our top of the line diagnostic equipment ensures a reliable analysis, allowing us to quickly identify and resolve any issue. And since we keep our warehouse well-stocked, there’s often no need to order and wait for repair parts.


The warehouse stock room is brimming with our entire expendables sales inventory. In addition to MANY other items, here are a few of the supplies we often carry:

  • Gel (color filters)
  • Lamps
  • Tape
  • Gel Frames
  • Theatrical Paint
  • Batteries
  • Pattern Holders
  • Clamps
  • Fluids (haze, fog, etc.)
  • Gobos

For your convenience, we also provide the option to order additional items (for you) from these vendors:

  1. Apollo Design Technology, Inc.
  2. Rapco Horizon Company
  3. The Light Source Inc.
  4. Kennedy Webster Electric Company
  5. CITCFX Special Effects Equipment
  6. Rosco
  7. LEE Filters

When you hire Bay Stage Live, we consider ourselves an integral part of your team, and you are considered part of our family. Whether you’re hiring us to produce a live event or need advice with equipment rental, we are here to help.

If we sound like a good fit for you, stop by or CONTACT US today!

How to Enhance your Decor with Gobos


In our last blog post, we introduced you to the gobo. If you haven’t read it yet, you can find it here: The Beginner’s Guide to Gobos.

We’re already revealed two major advantages of gobos; they’re economical and effective. Yet another benefit is their versatility. They can add texture to an object, realism to a situation or highlight something specific. They’re a popular technique for spicing up a party as well as a great way to brand a corporate event. Best of all, you have tons of options.

Choose one gobo or blend multiple gobos together to create one giant image. Design a custom gobo or select from a multitude of stock pattern options. Both Apollo Design Technology, Inc. and Rosco Laboratories, Inc. offer thousands of stock options.

Now we’ll move on to more specific ways of incorporating gobos into your next event.

Add Texture:

Texture comes in many forms. A few examples include rough, smooth, slimy and furry. Textured gobos work wonderfully for themed events because they can easily transform bare walls in any number of ways. A wave pattern could help convey a tropical theme. A winter-themed holiday party could use snowflakes or icicles to create a chilly vibe.

When choosing a stock gobo, you may find yourself automatically gravitating towards images which relate directly to your preferred theme. We encourage you to try a different approach! As an alternative, relate the theme to an abstract concept by using texture. This will still convey your motif and provide the added benefit of a very unique affair.

Enhance Realism:

A TV show will often use gobos to make you believe something exists when it does not. For example, a brick pattern gobo may be projected onto a blank wall to portray a brick wall. Or a garden image may be cast on a window, so the show appears to be taking place during the daytime in someone’s home, rather than on a TV set, at night. This same effect can be used for any event.

When using a gobo to enhance realism, choosing the correct color temperature becomes vital. This can be tricky. If your event requires a realistic gobo image, our team at Bay Stage Live is well-equipped to provide recommendations.

Create a Focal Point:

This is a very effective way to get your point across without saying anything at all. It can be done with almost anything you wish to highlight. The moving, intelligent lights at a concert are a great example of how gobos can draw your attention. The same “focal point” concept is also used at corporate events to display a company’s logo on a wall. Similarly, churches often use this type of gobo to emphasize objects of religious importance during certain times of the year.

By now, you’re probably realizing just how common gobos are. You see them every day without even knowing what they are. It may surprise you to learn that gobos have been around for at least 50 years. The technique has recently been perfected, allowing gobos to become multipurpose. For your next event, we encourage you to consider a gobo as an affordable tactic to stand out in a very memorable way.

At Bay Stage Live, we’re always available to help with your event needs. For questions or to schedule a consultation, call (813) 877-1089.

The Beginner’s Guide to Gobos

BSL - CustomGobos

You have so many extraordinary choices when it comes to event design. A gobo is one such prospect. Gobo refers to an insert which is placed into a light fixture, and then projected onto a wall as an image. The name comes from the idea of ‘go between’ a gobo goes between the optics and the light source, hence its name “Gobo”.   Although the term may be new to you, its use has become quite common throughout the event lighting industry.


It’s an affordable way to make a huge impact on a room.

The type of gobo you pick is best determined by the image you’ve chosen. Gobos are constructed from either steel, glass or plastic. Color is an option with all three, although the process does differ.

Steel gobos are the sturdiest option. Gel filters are used to display color, thus your shade choice is limited to the selection of available colored gels. The metal construction requires a technique called, “bridging”, which does not affect uncomplicated designs, but may be an issue when attempting to display images precisely.

Glass gobos are well-suited for detailed images because they allow more words and can handle smaller print. Custom colors are created by using several layers of dichroic glass. There’s no limit to the number of colors you can use, however, the more colors you have, the higher the cost. Glass gobos are more fragile and tend to be more expensive than steel or plastic. Since glass is so good at accurately replicating any image, it is the preferred choice for more intricate designs.

Plastic gobos are newer to the market. They combine the custom colors of a glass gobo with the durability of the steel gobo. Plastic gobos are often used because the selected image could not be accurately portrayed with a glass gobo. The one major drawback is their sensitivity to melting.

At Bay Stage Live, we aim to make your event one-of-a-kind. For questions or to schedule a consultation, call (813) 877-1089.

… Stay tuned for PART 2 on how to use Gobos to enhance your décor!

Choosing your color palette wisely

Color Palette4_revised

Color scheme makes a huge impact on every single event ever done for two reasons:

(1) As a culture, we associate certain colors with specific holidays. For example, red and pink are common colors for Valentine’s Day while black and orange are typical for Halloween.

(2) Color has the uncanny ability to evoke emotions in people. Some people see red and get a warm, lovey, romantic vibe. Others see red and feel extremely angry!

Whether you pick colors based on a theme or how it makes your guests feel, the psychology behind color is a worthwhile topic. To learn more about the emotional and behavioral impact of colors, this article from 99designs is an easy read.

If you’re just looking for some quick color tips, we’ve got you covered! Our event experts put together this valuable advice when selecting your color palette:

  • Don’t put green on food. Green makes food look incredibly unappetizing.
  • Take some time to experiment! Play with different colors to see what makes the room pop. Learn which colors look good together (blue and purple) as well as those that don’t (orange and green).
  • Look at the décor. For weddings and galas, you typically want to choose colors that enhance the colors of your tablecloths, linens, chairs.
  • Choose a theme that allows you flexibility in color.
  • Use more than one color. It’s very hard to pull off one color by itself, unless you incorporate a lot of textures and various shades of the same color. For most events, a two-color complementary mix, such as blue and magenta works beautifully.
  • For a pulled-together look, keep colors in their families. Feeling confused? This handy visual from Sherwin Williams shows how colors are segmented into 9 different color families: Reds, Oranges, Warm Neutrals, Cool Neutrals, Whites, Yellows, Greens, Blues and Violets.
  • Every color can be turned into a natural no-color! It’s a way to use the color you want, in a very subtle and natural way. With this method, you’ll pull a tiny bit of the same color from your décor by using a no-color gel. It allows you to highlight tables, dance floors and people – anything that would benefit from natural light.

Now you have the knowledge to make your next event look fabulous! If you need help from a reputable & creative event design team – we’re here for you. Simply CONTACT US today!

Getting Started with LED Lights, Fixtures and Colors


In the world of event lighting, it’s all in the details. As lighting often plays a large role in how your event looks and most importantly, how your guests feel, getting it right is crucial.

The Good and the Bad

To start with, there are good LEDs, and then there are not-so-good LEDs. Besides price, the major difference is typically quality. Typically… but not always. Unfortunately, a lot of non-reputable rental companies will buy the cheap LEDs yet still charge the high price of a quality LED! However, you can easily avoid this situation by choosing a trustworthy company.

When you purchase or rent LEDs from a reputable establishment, you’ll notice the better quality ones are also a bit more expensive. In return, these lights provide optimum performance, lasting for a number of years. In fact, if you ran a high quality LED 24 hours a day 7 days a week, it wouldn’t even begin to wear out for 20-30 years! Furthermore, if you want your LED colors to match (i.e. all the blues are the exact same shade of blue) then you need a high quality LED. If you opt for the cheap version, you’ll be sorely disappointed.

The drastic differences in appearance occur because each LED manufacturer has their own process for color matching LEDs. Each color is made in its own batch, such that red LEDs are made in one batch, while the blue ones are made in another. Trustworthy manufacturers give you the most consistent color from your LEDs by (1) Sending LEDs from the same batch and (2) Spending extra money testing and calibrating machines to ensure each batch uses the same color mix.

Wired vs. Battery-Powered Fixtures

ColorBlast, Wireless and Hex all refer to LED lighting fixtures. Some are wired (ColorBlast), while others are wireless (Hex). Fixtures also come in various sizes and styles, making it pretty easy to find what you need.

When comparing wired and wireless LED fixtures, we find the wireless to be pretty incredible! They save on labor charges because they don’t require our lighting experts to run a bunch of cable. They also save money on electricity charges due to their energy-efficiency. Additionally, wireless is more user-friendly for anyone interested in running the lights for their own show.

Besides the lack of cables, the biggest distinction between wired and wireless fixtures is their output. Wireless components don’t yet provide the same output as their wired counterparts. As such, these battery-powered units are best for events which last 18 hours or less. At that point, the lights have to be removed from their location and placed back in their cases to recharge the batteries.


Every fixture is built to create certain colors. Each letter correlates to a color, such that R = Red, G = Green, B = Blue, W = White and A = Amber. Using this guide, an RGBA fixture can provide red, green, blue or amber color combinations.

For most events, an RGBA or RGBW fixture will suffice. They both use red, green and blue to create numerous color combinations. Keep in mind that RGBA will produce warmer shades, while RGBW provides cooler variations of the same color.

RGBWA contains red, green, blue, white and amber which allows you to make any color imaginable! It’s a little more expensive than the RGBA or RGBW so make sure you really need all the colors before choosing it. This type of fixture is ideal for live TV and video recorded events.

The RGBAU is a UV fixture which makes an amazing black light! RGBA or RGBW can “kind of” make a black light but the RGBAU is your absolute best option for a themed event. The UV offers that extra bit of punch to make your lights really stand out. While the RGBAU is versatile, offering many colors in addition to the UV option, it’s higher price and lack of wireless options make it more of a specialty fixture.

By now you should have a good grasp on how to choose the right LED for your next event! Avoid overpaying for low quality LEDs or fixtures you don’t need by choosing a reputable event lighting company like Bay Stage Live.

Our family business has been around since 1957. We have a tremendously talented team of designers, producers and production support ready to customize your next event. In fact, see what our past customers have said about us on our TESTIMONIAL PAGE. Then CONTACT US to discuss your event lighting options!

New Gear for the New Year- Part 3


blog post_newgear_3

Welcome to the 3rd and final installment sharing Bay Stage Live’s new equipment.

Bay Stage Live Wireless Battery Powered LED:

A few years back, we introduced the Bay Stage Live wireless battery powered LED. We’ve now taken this already phenomenal product, and made it even better!

Ultimately they will be offered in either white or black casing.  Meanwhile, we are updating and improving our white Wireless battery powered LEDs, so the black ones will take their place for now.  These LED’s use RGBA (red, green, blue, white) color mixing technology, giving you a great range of color options. There are no cords or extension cables to mess with and you’ll get up to 18 hours of battery life per LED.  Unless, of course you would like to plug them in, there is that option too.

Setup is as straightforward as 1- Place it, 2-Turn it on and 3- Choose a setting. Charging couldn’t be easier with the rechargeable battery built into the road-case. Not only are the LED’s simple to operate, they’re compact and super lightweight for stress-free transportation.  Don’t forget the remote option that comes with preprogrammed colors and scrolls.

These light fixtures will bring something extra to your wedding, corporate meeting, birthday party and any other indoor event. Just use your imagination! We currently have (10) 12 packs available for rent allowing us to accommodate any size event whether large, small or something in between.

Chauvet Freedom Par Hex-4:

This compact, colorful, battery-operated LED can be used as an up light on the floor or hung overhead.  These will serve as a great alternative to the Par 38 uplight.  Eliminating your need for gel or a power outlet, however you can still plug directly into the wall should your application call for longer life.

At Bay Stage Live, we constantly update our equipment and technology so we can provide you with the best possible products and service for your event.

Why You Should Let a PRO Light Your Event


What’s the difference between a good event and an amazing event? Details.

When you put on an event you want it to be memorable for the right reasons and you certainly don’t want it to be mediocre. Hiring a professional to light your event or production can make a world of difference and make you look great!

How many events have you been to where the production or lighting was just okay and it was the DJ or the venue that did it? You may not know the answer to that question but based on our experience, a DJ is busy getting people on the dance floor and the venue wants to make sure your food comes out on time and that everyone has a seat at a table. The production is often an afterthought.

A lighting professional knows what little nuances in productions or live events can make or break the event. They know how to run the equipment and what will look best for every different occasion and setting. Why waste time figuring it out yourself or putting it in the hands of someone who doesn’t do this type of work for a living.

We are experts at addressing factors that you most likely wouldn’t consider. Through the years we have been through every situation, room set up, production challenge, and type of event. We have the answer for every question and the creativity to make your event seem like one of a kind. We’ll work within your budget to optimize your event lighting and make sure you get the best return on your investment.

Let us do what we do best, make you look great and ensure a fantastic event. It’s all in the details and we have them all covered.

For all of your event production needs, contact Bay Stage Live today!