Meet Cody Barden

BSL Blog Post - Cody Barden

Since we consider our clients to be extended members of the Bay Stage Live family, we feel it’s important that you get to know us on a personal level. Periodically, we’ll be interviewing our team members and providing you with the great details!

In this first post, we talk one on one with Cody Barden, who has been with us for 4 years and currently holds the title of Account Executive in our Rental Division.

Bay Stage Live: What’s been your favorite Bay Stage Live gig? And why?

Cody: I have a couple… one of my favorites every year is the “Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla” Parades. We do all of the audio on their floats for both the day and knight parades. We set up speakers and music so the floats all sound amazing. We always have a really fun time with the pirates.

Switching gears, another of my favorites was Brooke Palmer’s wedding. She’s a big event planner here in Tampa. She had a very elegant wedding at the Ringling Museum in Sarasota with 30+ vendors. There was a lot going on, but it was a gorgeous wedding. Bay Stage Live did all of the lighting and I personally ran the lighting console.

Bay Stage Live: What’s a cool tip or tool you’d like to share with everyone?

Cody: When you’re dealing with power from a generator, you always want to meter it before you plug in any gear. Power is one of those things you definitely want to respect at all times.  Another tip – if you own your own gear, it’s important to keep the optics clean, all lights look and perform better when you show them love.

Bay Stage Live: What’s your guilty pleasure?

Cody: I really, really like Reese’s. Ice cream, cups, pieces… it’s a weakness.

Bay Stage Live: What do you like best about working at Bay Stage Live?

Cody: It would have to be the family environment. Everybody here is one big crazy family, whether a Justo or not. It’s not crazy uptight like a corporate AV Company would be. We’re allowed to kick back and have fun whenever we can find some extra time.

Bay Stage Live: What first inspired/drew you to this line of work?

Cody: My grandfather ran sound for the church I grew up in and I started shadowing him in 6th grade. He taught me a lot about the world of audio and from there I transitioned into doing lighting. Working in Bay Stage Live’s rental division, people call me for all sorts of show needs, including sound, staging and lighting.

Bay Stage Live: Tell us a bit about your family.

Cody: I was born and raised here in Tampa where my family still resides. I have one older brother who is married with a daughter on the way. My parents have always been supportive of me wanting to work in this industry, even through the late nights and 80-90 hour work weeks. They’re happy for me that I’m doing something I love.