Choosing your color palette wisely

Color Palette4_revised

Color scheme makes a huge impact on every single event ever done for two reasons:

(1) As a culture, we associate certain colors with specific holidays. For example, red and pink are common colors for Valentine’s Day while black and orange are typical for Halloween.

(2) Color has the uncanny ability to evoke emotions in people. Some people see red and get a warm, lovey, romantic vibe. Others see red and feel extremely angry!

Whether you pick colors based on a theme or how it makes your guests feel, the psychology behind color is a worthwhile topic. To learn more about the emotional and behavioral impact of colors, this article from 99designs is an easy read.

If you’re just looking for some quick color tips, we’ve got you covered! Our event experts put together this valuable advice when selecting your color palette:

  • Don’t put green on food. Green makes food look incredibly unappetizing.
  • Take some time to experiment! Play with different colors to see what makes the room pop. Learn which colors look good together (blue and purple) as well as those that don’t (orange and green).
  • Look at the décor. For weddings and galas, you typically want to choose colors that enhance the colors of your tablecloths, linens, chairs.
  • Choose a theme that allows you flexibility in color.
  • Use more than one color. It’s very hard to pull off one color by itself, unless you incorporate a lot of textures and various shades of the same color. For most events, a two-color complementary mix, such as blue and magenta works beautifully.
  • For a pulled-together look, keep colors in their families. Feeling confused? This handy visual from Sherwin Williams shows how colors are segmented into 9 different color families: Reds, Oranges, Warm Neutrals, Cool Neutrals, Whites, Yellows, Greens, Blues and Violets.
  • Every color can be turned into a natural no-color! It’s a way to use the color you want, in a very subtle and natural way. With this method, you’ll pull a tiny bit of the same color from your décor by using a no-color gel. It allows you to highlight tables, dance floors and people – anything that would benefit from natural light.

Now you have the knowledge to make your next event look fabulous! If you need help from a reputable & creative event design team – we’re here for you. Simply CONTACT US today!